Readers’ Choice Guidelines
To ensure that Readers’ Choice results are as trustworthy as possible, we ask participants to follow a few, simple guidelines:

    • Please vote only once from any given email address.
    • Please vote for restaurants you’ve actually enjoyed.
    • Please do not vote for the same restaurant in more than three categories.

    • Please feel free to encourage your patrons to vote for you.
    • Please feel free to promote voting in any way you can. However, please keep in mind:

The polling system we used is designed to detect multiple, consecutive votes submitted from the same IP address. Should such an instance occur and with the same restaurant (s) favored in all the consecutive votes, that restaurant (s) could be disqualified from Readers’ Choice Awards.

About Pull-Down Lists in the Poll
We use pull-down lists in our polls to ensure accuracy. At the beginning of each voting cycle, all the pull-down lists are cleared and voters must use the “other” option to enter the names of restaurants that they voted for. New restaurants are added to each list as votes are received.

About Readers’ Choice Logo Usage
The placement of the official Readers’ Choice logo in winners’ advertisements adds an additional incentive for locals and visitors to try their offerings. As such, we encourage winners to use the official Readers’ Choice logo in all their advertisements. If you need a high-resolution copy of the Readers’ Choice logo, please send an email request to

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