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Frecuently Asked Questions

Curious about Readers' Choice? Here are the most common questions we receive, answered.

For Restaurants and Voters

What is Readers' Choice?

The Readers’ Choice Awards is an annual poll conducted by Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group on its website,, in which website visitors are encouraged to cast their vote on their favorite Puerto Vallarta restaurants.

 Is this a new concept?

Actually, no. If you do an Internet search for the phrase “Readers’ Choice,” you will find that many cities in Canada, United States and elsewhere in the world feature similar polls. As such, for a restaurant to say “I won a Readers’ Choice Award” is a phrase that will mean a lot to many of the tourists we receive from these countries.

How long has Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group been organizing Readers’ Choice?

We started in Vallarta Voice, a monthly magazine formerly published by us. At the time, ballots were an actual page of the magazine, which people had to fill out by hand and deliver to a few locations around town. When we ceased publishing Vallarta Voice, and with increased use of Internet in general and in particular, we decided to move the poll to our website.

Is Readers’ Choice related to Vallarta Lifestyles’ “Best of Vallarta” annual issue, published each May?

They are very different. Readers’ Choice Awards reflects the unbiased opinion of Vallarta residents and visitors, and their own dining preferences. “Best of Vallarta” is a collection of events, people, places, etc., that the Editorial Department at Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group has carefully selected, to present to the readers the best that took place on that year.

Why is my restaurant not listed in the pull-down menus?

Quite simply, because nobody has voted for it just yet! To see your restaurant listed in the pull-down menus, encourage your customers to vote for your restaurant using the "Other" option at the bottom of each pull-down menu. We will then add new restaurants to each list on an ongoing basis and throughout the validity of every year's poll.

Is is true that only Lifestyles clients get listed in the pull-down menus?

Not at all! We listened to your comments and we want to make sure that Readers' Choice Awards is completely fair to every restaurant. As such, feel free to compare a recent issue of Vallarta Lifestyles with the pull-down menus. You will find a number of restaurants that don't advertise with us appearing in them.

How can I win a Readers’ Choice Award?

By excelling at what you do! It doesn’t matter how much you boast about your venue or specific dishes that you serve. Ultimately, it’s your guests that will know the difference between something that’s not so good, good, or the best. If you feel that a dinner guest truly enjoyed his/her dining experience at your restaurant, encouraging him to cast a vote for you is the best way to accumulate votes.

I see restaurants using “Vote for Me” cards and people seeking votes via email. Is this valid?

Yes it is, but just as it happens with presidential elections, you may want to be prepare to deliver what you promise, if you choose to organize voting campaigns!

I have my own mailing list/website. Can I direct my readers to the Readers' Choice Poll directly?

Yes! To encourage people to vote via email.

Do you have to be a Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group client to win a Readers’ Choice Award?

Absolutely not! We are always happy to see our clients win awards, but we are equally pleased to find that other restaurants are gaining recognition. We strongly believe they should also be rewarded for that.

Is it possible to cheat the system to win?

It is possible to try, but we check all the ballots submitted, one by one, to ensure that the voting results are as accurate as possible by eliminating duplicate ballots, and ballots in which a single restaurant is voted on in more than the number of categories allowed, and consecutive ballots originating from the same IP address.

Have you actually disqualified restaurants for abusing the poll?

Yes, we have.

I don't see my question answered here/I would like to suggest a new category for next year. Who can I contact?

Contact Paco Ojeda, Managing Editor,