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2007 Winners

Actually, this annual on-line survey is win-win all around! You get to share your opinion about what's going on in Puerto Vallarta — which matters, because it influences how folks chose to spend their hard-earned money and free time in this multi-option resort destination — and those local businesses doing all the right things are delighted, because it keeps them from getting lost in the shuffle.

Encompassing almost 50 categories, ranging from the best live music venue to the best health club and martini, the response has steadily increased in the past few years, generating excitement among both restaurants and their guests. Patrons are pleased to have an easy way to spread the good word about the places they have found to be exceptional. And when you're new in town, with no idea what's what, a quick look at the poll results puts you in the know, the cream of the crop rising to the top.

The list of winners follows. To learn more about each winning restaurant, as well as discover some of the top finalists in each category, please click on the category of your choice from the right-hand menu.

Landslide winner Refers to categories in which the winner received twice as many or more votes than the second place.

ARE YOU A WINNER? Click here for information about our awards ceremony, as well as to download Readers' Choice logos for your advertisements


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