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Best Wine List 2008: Café des Artistes

Published Jul 19, 2010 - (Updated Jul 21, 2010)


Thierry Blouet, Maitre Cuisinier de France and a member of the Culinary Academy of France, has what is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Café des Artistes. Now, with recent dramatic changes, it´s one of the best in the world. Merging vitality and boldness, a trilogy of dining experiences is under one roof: Café des Artistes Bistro Gourmet, Thierry Blouet Cocina de Autor and Costantini Bar Lounge. Café des Artistes maintains the original concept, including live music and flawless service. Showcasing not only culinary French-Mexican masterpieces but a fantasy-like setting including lush, multileveled garden (garden open November through May), this 212-seat flagship restaurant offers an eclectic a la carte menu, as well as the three-course, wine included, prix fixe bistro menu. The traditional cream of prawn and pumpkin soup has been a hit since day one, and the tuna fish sashimi salad is outstanding. Mains like the glazed roasted duck in ginger and lemon sauce give this venue its well-deserved gourmet reputation.

Guadalupe Sánchez 740, El Centro • (322) 222-3228

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  • Mark's Bar and Grill • Lázaro Cárdenas 56, Bucerías.
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