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Best Takeout 2009: The Deli

Published Aug 3, 2010 -


Not only can The Deli cater to all your needs (pun inteded) from carefully prepared breakfast gift baskets to full-fledged dinner parties, this recently-opened venue fills the gap when it comes to gourmet-style deli takeout in the popular E. Zapata / Olas Altas neighborhood. And if their moist, hot-off-the-oven bread reminds you of that served at nearby Daiquiri Dick's, that's no coincidence. After all, The Deli is, indeed, the brainchild of Daiquiri Dick's Hnoi Latthitham and Ignacio Uribe. But while you won't find Daiquiri Dick's award-winning menu choices at The Deli, this dynamic chef duo maintain the same level of quality in the flavorful food choices offered there.

Venustiano Carranza 311-B, El Centro • (322) 223-9523

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