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Best Asian Restaurant 2012: Archie’s Wok

Published Jul 23, 2012 -


Sip a Mai Tai Thai in a serene asian garden as d’Rachael delights with harp, flute, and vocals while you await a feast of tropical flavors. Archie, movie director John Huston’s chef for many years, garnered the best elements of Pan Asian cuisine and gave them a Thai emphasis. Continuing the inspired culinary tradition, his wife, Cyndi, and their family serve perpetual favorites like Cheng-Mai shrimp, sizzling fish in banana leaves, spicy Thai noodles, barbecued pork riblets Hoi-Sin style, calamari fried in light beer batter with sweet, sour and spicy dips, and cashew chicken.

Francisca Rodríguez 130, El Centro • (322) 222-0411

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