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Best Mexican Restaurant 2012: El Arrayán

Published Jul 23, 2012 -


El Arrayan has become one of the hottest restaurants in town, winning “Best Mexican” for many years. Everything about it is inspired by the most authentic Mexican traditions, with a fresh modern edge. Explore this country's most amazing dishes with confidence because they're all wonderful here: yummy plantain empanadas, baby scallop ceviche, rib eye steak marinated with aromatic Mexican spices in a plum-orange and borracha sauce with tequila, chipotle shrimp flambéed with raicilla and fruit juices particularly popular. And we can't say enough about the duck carnitas! Even the cocktails and wine list are never to be forgotten.

Allende 344 & Miramar, El Centro • (322) 222-7195

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